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bodily ties 

TAC Eindhoven 

24 January  - 17 February 2019 

Alexandra Fraser manipulates and distorts flesh to inspire an alternative portrayal of the female form, warped in a disparate way to societal standards of beauty.  Through distortion she explores feelings of disconnectedness from the material self and investigates the nature of flesh.


By making prints and ceramic objects directly from her own body, she takes ownership of the objectification of her body. Similarly, in asking her subjects to manipulate their own faces and distort their own appearance, she asks them and others to reflect on self-image and conventional expectations of women.


The utilisation of thread and string with the female form inspires visual metaphors of restriction and coercion, whilst also referencing fetish, surrealism & desire. Fraser hopes to portray the beauty of the physical self, whilst also acknowledging that we are at its mercy.  

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