Alexandra Fraser

Antwerp, BE

Mixed media artist Alexandra Fraser uses a range of mediums to explore corporeality, flesh, sexuality and objectification. She tries to communicate the alienation that she feels from her body in this digital and capitalist age. In using her hands and body to physically create art, she is able to reflect upon and reconnect with the body. She researches concepts of power and sensuality implicit in representations of women. Her work acknowledges that the female body has been largely objectified and sexualised throughout (art) history. 

Using sketches from life, she create drawings and prints. She investigates drawing as a contemporary art practice, as a ritual to journal troubles. 

Thread and rope are a central theme, representing both the security of strong bonds and a loss of freedom, whether sexually, emotionally or objectively in space. The female nude is re-contextualised to communicate seemingly incompatible concepts of empowerment and constraint. 

Her installation, performance and collaborative works focus on the body in space and alternative ways of communicating. She aims to create new situations for intimacy and combating isolation. She looks at the role of the woman's body in society, where she has placed it on beds and in tiny spaces, turned it into furniture and used it to embody a virtual woman.

Alexandra has presented her work in solo exhibitions internationally. Following her studies at Bristol School of Art, she has collaborated in several international and interdisciplinary projects, including festival decor, performance, community art workshops and residencies in Spain and Luxembourg. She has exhibited in several group exhibitions, including at the Royal West of England Academy.