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multi-disciplinary artist interested in

embodiment, contemporary feminist research

& virtual spaces 

exploring through making, play, performance and

immersive experience

Alexandra's studio is in Antwerp, Belgium. She has presented her work in solo exhibitions internationally and has been featured in publications and group shows across Europe. Her studies include a Bachelors degree in Humanities, a foundation degree from Bristol School of Art (UK) and a Masters in Visual Arts from Sint Lucas, Antwerp (BE). She enjoys collaborating in international and interdisciplinary projects, including immersive installations, performance, community art projects and residencies.  She deepens her artistic practice with teaching, writing and active participation in Belgium’s cultural sector.

Alexandra uses a wide range of mediums to explore corporeality, flesh, sexuality and objectification. Alexandra's art is a celebration of the body as a site of resistance and possibility. She believes that art has the power to challenge dominant narratives and create new ways of understanding ourselves and our world, and her work reflects this belief through its provocative approach to themes of cyber-feminism and embodiment. She researches concepts of power and sensuality implicit in representations of women. She seeks and celebrates alternate means of embodiment. 

Her installation, performative and collaborative works focus on the body in space and alternative ways of communicating.  Through her work, Alexandra aims to create a space for dialogue and exploration around issues of gender, sexuality, and identity. She aims to create new situations for intimacy and reflect upon contemporary trends of isolation. She looks at the role of the woman's body in society, where she has placed it on beds and in tiny spaces, turned it into furniture and used it to embody a virtual woman.

She often incorporates interactive elements into her installations, inviting viewers to engage with the work. Working in the spaces between, personal and political, virtual and material, Alexandra tries to directly confront the audience though performative and interactive work. Her practice is characterised by a sense of experimentation and playfulness. She enjoys pushing the boundaries of what is possible with her chosen materials, in order to create a sense of disorientation and subversion.


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