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Tveten Gård, Oslo, Norway 

18-20. October, 2019.
An exhibition, a discussion, a dinner, a weekend.
19 artists
2 designers
An unknown number of horses

A reflection on applied arts, and of functionality in art.
The artists as the maintenance crew of the community.
Sober suggestions for spirituality linked to everyday rhythm and the earth we stand on.
Poetic-practical solutions for the problems of the future and group affiliation.

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This sigil is the working name for international art duo Alessandro Marchi and Alexandra Fraser. 

A sigil hopes to materialise what is symbolised. 

Alessandro and Alexandra created this symbol in response to the growing fear of intimacy evident throughout our societies. Through their artwork, they hope to diminish fear of the other and encourage intimacy and dialogue with strangers, as well as with those we know and trust.  They use playfulness to create inclusive contemplation on our communities and how we interact and communicate. 


Performance and Costumes

A collaboration with Alessandro Marchi

A portable sound station for a post apocalyptic party on the run.

For sog(ai) exhibition in Oslo, Norway, the duo created a portable sound system for a post-apocalyptic party on the run. With music and a steel cart created by Marchi and costumes created by Fraser, the pair became a bizarre moving performance, enticing the public to engage with the pair and reflect upon the artist’s role in society. The art was not so much in what the duo created and presented but rather in how the audience experienced the work, and how it facilitated them to communicate with each other through dialogue and dance.

Fraser became a buffet table, offering cookies and advice. Marchi wheeled the portable sound system through the exhibition space. Through their spectacle they united the audience and became, in a sense, functional facilitators of dialogue. 

Video by Jørgen Thorkildsen, @jorgentor

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