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Antwerp Queer Arts Festival

Morpho / Extra City  

Women’s bodies, trans-bodies, and any other-ed bodies which do not fit into prejudiced, limited and objectified expectations have been constantly portrayed as monstrous in mainstream culture. 

I place play at the centre of my research, as it is with humour and curiosity that we can begin to explore new worlds and possibilities. Can play and glitches allow space for new identities? As we live between material and virtual worlds can we find safe spaces where we have the power to define ourselves? In playful colour we can celebrate the multiplicity of human embodied experience and subvert the narrative of ‘monstrous’ body.  We will not hide or disguise. 

Flesh becomes plastic, guts become air, we live as avatars. In a colourful landscape, a material representation of virtual spaces, we can embody contradictions and in doing so, refuse binary and patriarchal notions of body and self. Quivering, fantasy, monstrous entities are a celebration of the body as a site of resistance and possibility. The artificial is real. Play, explore and expand to take up all the space you are entitled to.  

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