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le grand murmure

Eng Aner Siicht op d’Natur, Härebesch, Luxembourg


Public Art Installation for Antropical - Ministry of Strange Affairs 

Created with the skilfull help of Nuno Mafra


Eng Aner Siicht op d’Natur, or Another View on Nature is a 29km interactive art trail through Luxembourg's forests. It is a collaboration between Antropical and Mirador, Centre for Nature and Forests.

By using the medium of playful art to direct people’s focus away from their usual field of vision while they walk in the forest, this trail will make them experience nature in a completely different way.

Deep in the forest we listen with Le Grand Murmure, a sculpture located somewhere between nature and humanity. The ears are inspired by the very human analogue amplifiers, which were created to hear the sounds of World War I. This human invention is integrated into nature and allows us to hear what the trees have always heard, the echoes of the forest. Trees have always had their own complex means of communication and now humans are invited to participate. 


This tree is a character we can relate to. It has giant human attributes in the form of ears. We recognise a cheerful disposition and amongst the trees we find a personification of the forest. You can find a sympathetic figure to whom you can confess your secrets and, in turn, hear the murmurs of the other trees and animals.

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