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the hollow hills 


Artists' Residency program

Glastonbury, UK 


The Hollow Hills is an artists’ residency located in the studio of the late Peter Fraser in Glastonbury. Our programme is dedicated to continuing the legacy of Peter, founder of the Loon Press and a pioneer in the field of handmade bookmaking. The residency is an initiative of The Glastonbury Press in collaboration with Peter’s daughter Alexandra, a contemporary artist based in Belgium.

Our residency programme offers established artists, philosophers and bibliophiles from both the local area and across Europe the opportunity to work in a fully equipped letterpress studio and beautifully curated library available for research. 


The residency was inspired by Peter’s book The Hollow Hills, which reflects on contemporary society through the mirror of the historical and mythological riches of Somerset. Ten artists were invited to work and live together for two weeks on a handmade, handprinted book and this exhibition in order to honour The Hollow Hills and the magic of the area. Guided by the Maidens of the Wells and the Faery Accord the residency focused on the importance of hospitality and friendship. Through collaboration, an exploration of graphic arts and seeing Somerset with fresh eyes, a book was born and the magic of the Magpie’s Tail was ceremonially passed to the next generation. 

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participating artists


Susannah Clemence

Myrthe Coenen 

Pernilla Ellens

Alexandra Fraser

Hugh Fraser

Peter Fraser

Sander Van Houtum 

Marie Lister

Gareth Mills

Brigitte Norland

Ioana Tamas

Bas De Weerd

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