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this person does not exist 2.0



To Be Antwerp


This person does not exist is a research project focused on forms of (sexual) objectification. Through it I witnessed new relationships of objectification formed in virtual spaces. Through the physical body, dickpics, artificial intelligence and virtual conversations, I reflected upon both virtual and material aspects of bodies and their intimacies. My research develops into the tensions between the material aspects of existing within a body and possible new forms of embodiment in the virtual spaces where we now also exist. 


I use both digital and analogue tools to explore bodies between the digital and virtual, questioning the impact of physicality on our bodily identities and relationships.  I witness which new forms of translation, whether empowering or demeaning, are utilised to help us navigate previously unseen spaces.  


I present forms of research stretching into virtual intimacies. I’m interested in how our material existence and intimate relationships are translated through virtual spaces. I use technology as a muse to think about, as well as a tool for creating. 

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