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Installation with sound by Roma Gavryliuk

bang expo

cc vleeshaak

My biggest fear is depression.  For me it really feels like being inside a cloud,  disassociated from reality. It changes form and is never solid so you can’t ever pin it down or escape it. The eyes come from the accompanying fear of being watched, being judged, a representation of paranoia. I wanted the cloud to have some human element, to be an active force or character. I made an eye-cloud, it connects to technology and our consequent increased social isolation. I invited Roma to create a soundscape for the inside of the cloud. 


Bang is a collaborative project created by a collective of international visual artists who share an interest in the human experience. Recent times have been increasingly isolating. They have brought our worries to the surface against a backdrop of a media and politics fuelled by our shared fear.


Through artistic research & collaboration we dare to confront and take control of our fears & phobias, hoping to discover that the world isn’t so scary after all. We create a maze into the human mind, presenting a collection of work about the experience of anxiety and dread. We would like to invite our audience explore our fears, both rational and irrational, with us. 


What is fear? Are we born fearless? When does the feeling of fear crawl in our subconscious? Why do we experience it differently?

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