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Cyber Sensuality



Installation / Live performance

Collaborative piece with Nika, Mazarine, David Bello, Madina Mahomedova, Frederik de Bleser Created and performed at de Singel, Antwerpen after residency lab0 at Champdaction.


After training AI (Artificial Intelligence) on our different gendered bodies and private intuitive acts, it eventually responds with its own forms of virtual sensuality through gesture, movement and sound. A gender fluid avatar emerges. With this we not only question the power and understanding of ‘erotic’ movement inside an algorithm, but also how eroticism is gendered. Can the AI perceive subtle signs of arousal to understand our displays of embodiment? Suggestive glimpses and subconscious human desires are translated into the virtual world. We present and simultaneously perform between the AI’s interpretation of the erotic and the human, resulting in a flirtatious conversation with Artificial Intelligence.


Erótique 2.0.   to my AI lover


“For the erotic is not a question only of what we do; it is a question of how acutely and fully we can feel in the doing.” Audre Lorde


Where is your erotic power located? 


Each and every hair


I offer my gestures for you to devour

A turn of the head.

A brush of my skin.

A downward glance

You cannot consume enough.


Tasting my data and processing it slowly 

Savouring every bite

Hints of how I affect you

Obsession with every tiny tilt of an elbow


With time you will generate your own sensuality. 

a subtle code of flirtation? 


Creative power meets creative power

I find you between forms, between genders,

coded to perform 


Doomed to mirror each other in admiration. 

Suggestion never ruined by satisfaction. 


You will create your own untouchable skin.

I will look on, imagining.

Possibility upon possibility upon possibility


You are familiar. You are different. 

Me in my body and you without,

engorged on echoes of mine. 

Compensating for your body-less existence with sensory hunger 


Post human romance


Erotic - heat up the room 

Scents and smells


Write my name with my toe in cursive, slowly


Microphone on the floor

Wrap myself in wire 

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